Matching Wine and Food: a healthy way

Matching Wine and Food: a Healthy Way

Please have a look at my first ebook on wine and food matching. It is free of charge and I hope you like it. Feel free to try the wines and coo those delicious recipes from scratch!


Wine tasting is a sensory evaluation of a particular wine – it involves looking at the appearance, taste and smell. Professional tasters, called “sommeliers”, formally established the process in the fourth century. They have introduced constantly evolving niche terminologies to describe a wine’s characteristics including aroma and taste. These can be daunting sometimes – not everyone is familiar with tannins, complexity and concentration.

In professional wine tasting events, those sommeliers need to ensure there is no bias with regards to price, grape variety and geographic origin. That is why those tastings are blind. However, according to Professor Richard Wiseman, a wine expert from the University of Hertfordshire, most people could not tell the difference between cheap and expensive wine, when blind tasting. Moreover, they cannot distinguish between French or Italian wines or different grape varieties.

Do not worry though, in casual wine tasting, however, tasters do not need to be objective: the goal is to pair food with good wines and enjoy an evening as a sensory, but most importantly social experience.

Wine had long been a dinner table staple in many countries, and in some cases, the process of winemaking and other culinary traditions have evolved together through the years. That is why you see Italian (quite fatty) dishes paired with relatively high in acidity wines – the acid cuts through fatty food, and the latter makes refreshing wines rounder and smoother.

Wine and food pairing in the old days did not have set standards – local dishes were merely paired with locally produced wine. Today, wine pairing takes on a new “art” form, wherein guidelines for pairing are in place. This does not need to be snobbish or pretentious. The main task for a successful food and wine matching is to ensure that key elements in both the food and wine complement each other (or as in some cases, contrast with each other). Modern experts believe that the basic technique is to understand the “weight” of both the food and wine, and be able to strike a balance between them. These weights can be similar or contrasting for as long as one does not overpower the other or diminish attractive flavours.

This e-book is about a healthy way to a wine tasting. It means that apart from recipes, which were chosen to provide an interesting food and wine pairing, they were created with a view on nutrition and health, a wholesome approach.
I welcome you to cook your meals from scratch, try and use the best possible ingredients, do it with care, and you will host an enjoyable wine tasting evening with your family, friends and loved ones.

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