Ardiles Priorat 2007

Ardiles Priorat 2007

Ok, let’s explore Ardiles Priorat 2007.

Priorat wine comes to mind when you want something really special to finish off your weekend dinner.

Your date or a partner asks you for a glass of something nice and you start thinking whether Priorat can be just too big and heavy…

Fear not, this bottle is an explosion of fruit and some extra flavours (oak and toast) – something that  you expect, but not with a heavy kick- it’s powerful yet round and elegant, it has the needed acidity to be matched with the most robust dishes yet smooth, round and powerful enough to have the last word to say in your dinner. Sounds interesting!

If has some red, but mostly black fruit flavours with the black currant touch – that’s how Garnacha and Syrah met Cabernet Sauvignon and  married in that bottle. 

You also can taste some sweet spice similar to five spice with the cloves notes to be very noticeable.

This Priorat wine is warm, round, pleasant and multi dimensional – a true gem in my books, very much recommended.

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