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    Hi all,

    It has been a very exciting short read in the latest Men’s Health magazine about a ‘tedious tradition to do dryathlon in January’.
    Have you considered to take the challenge of Dryathlon? Have you done this before?

    Interesting facts to consider:
    Royal College of Physicians recommends three alcohol-free days a week;
    British Liver Trust suggests at least two consecutive alcohol-free days a week.
    For more facts on units please see our extended article on alcohol units and recommendations.

    We have also been writing earlier that moderate consumption of red wine can contribute to your cardiovascular health. Have a look at healthy eating pattern writeup here.

    DryathlonFinally, the boring bit about keeping the schedule and routine: as with exercise, it is rather good to keep it under control and do regular reps rather than taking all weight at once.
    Your daily recommended alcohol intake (have a look at our previous article about How to drink less but well for tips on reducing your alcohol intake) is two small glasses (125ml) for women and three for men. Keeping away from binge drinking you are free to drink and even contribute to your healthy lifestyle.

    Alright, that is the latest on dryathlons, but the question is – are you going to be doing it or not?



    I was thinking of doing it actually. Nice facts though.

    You know, as long as I do not fall into the trap of binge drinking in February I should be alright with dryathlon. It would be like a alcohol fasting / detox month, you name it.



    Just a small piece of inspiration – an Alcohol-Free Mondays poster!
    alcohol-free Mondays



    Daniel! We have sent you an email asking for your postal address – a bottle of Mas Sinen Priorat is yours!:) Cheers

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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