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    Hi guys,

    I was researching about fortified wines the other day (for my WSET diploma) and could not believe that with time my tastes changed a bit and even though 5 years ago or so I could not imagine drinking sherry or madeira, I do enjoy a glass of either.

    I started to appreciate a good dry sherry with some almonds as an aperitif and a good madeira with desserts.

    The quality of both products significantly improved and that’s probably one of the reasons for this change, yet maybe I am just able to afford better examples of both? Food matches improved / changed a bit too, don’t you think? From going to a more simple and straightforward match of salty nuts with dry Sherry and rich and powerful desserts that are in need of similar powerhouse wine like Madeira?

    Do you have examples of wines you started to love (or suddenly hate)?

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