Have your tastes in food changed since you were a kid?

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    Hi all,

    Similar to my question about wines, there is also one about food – have your tastes changed?

    I remember passionately hating courgettes. My mother and grandma used to be very imaginative what you can do with them – be it courgette frittatas, courgette rosti and even a courgette mash. That was my lunch/dinner of hell.

    Well you can clearly see it has changed – I even have got a spiralizer and a julienne peeler to help me create courgette and carrot pasta (see my previous post about some simple but fancy things you can do with veg).

    Porridge was never my favourite either, but if you buy a good quality one and really improve its taste with berries (raspberries and blueberries make it just fab), I do not mind it.

    Are there examples of yours? Why do you think it happens? Are we getting convinced to eat healthier?

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