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    Hey guys!

    Some of you will think that I am making a joke here, but for some (including me in that odd week), it could be a challenge we can build up on our healthy and happy wine lifestyle.

    As we have already written it is paramount to have that alcohol-free day to get your body release the toxins and simply rest. Monday works best for me.

    Yet the goal is to get that state of mind that you are not dependent on alcohol to make your day (or evening for that matter) fun.
    At the end of your challenge, when you can achieve the number of consecutive alcohol-free days (or consecutive weeks of alcohol-free Mondays), you would be able to freely declare that you drink when you really want to (as opposed to your cravings or social factors).

    It all starts with just one alcohol-free day. It then goes further and you develop a healthy habit.
    Share your views and journey on this.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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