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    In the latest article by Oliver Burkeman published in the last week’s Guardian he concludes that it is definitely not rubbish. Well, after almost staging off every possible mindfulness exercise, be it colouring, meditations and some exercises stated in Ruby Wax latest mindfulness guide book.

    I agree that it is not a minor hobby but should it become a habit (regular meditations, mindful eating and relaxation), it becomes a way of life. By many experts it would also mean an improved life – both for mind and also body.

    Mindfulness works well to improve your relationships and sleep, work / life balance and focus, reduces anxiety and helps with relaxation. In my mind it is a direct way to a happier lifestyle.

    To this date my personal favourites are:

    1. Headspace.com meditations – Andy’s voice is amazing, his sets of guided meditations are wonderful and if you do that regularly you will see results. Which ones? Well, what do you want? They have loads of targeted meditations. Works as a treat and yes, it exists as an app so you can download your sessions and take it with you on holiday!
    2. Calm – I have read a book, which is quick and easy with some meditation guidelines. You can also use an app. The instructions are straightforward and easy to follow.
    3. Ruby Wax – well, I have been reviewing her first book on mindfulness and regardless what other people say I think it is a hilarious but also quite helpful piece of read. You won’t be disappointed. You will get the most of both worlds – fun from a well-known comedian, but also some useful stuff to work on (exercises and techniques). Some critics argue that she cannot be taken seriously as she is a comedian, but hey ho I believe we can give her a chance to prove them wrong.
    4. Yoga – I do Iyengar yoga every week and I can feel my balance is better. Anyone struggling with a tree pose when you need to stand on one leg? That was me a year ago! My teacher once said that yoga is like a meditation in action. Sounds great. I do mine in Virgin Active, but you need to shop around for deals and most importantly inspiring teachers.

    Your thoughts on mindfulness? Any favourites / suggestions from your side?


    Vika Guseva

    Hi Dimitri,

    I do agree on the point that yoga is one of the best practices to get your mind and body into that special mindful state. I try to do it once (or somtimes twice) a week, as I recently found a decently good teacher.
    As for the Headspace- I used it for about 3 months, but then decided to quit after all. The magic didn’t work so well in the long term.



    I am surprised about Headspace – it works really well for me, but I think the main and key point here is to really stick to doing it everyday. They say after 21 consecutive days you can develop a consistent habit. They even sent me a coupon for doing a few weeks of a meditation everyday! Have you tried Calm instead?

    Great stuff about yoga – what kind of yoga you do? I am doing Iyengar, but some prefer a more gentle Hatha, or a more extreme hot yoga Bikram. I have heard also about dynamic yoga or another kind of Hatha – Ashtanga. I agree though – a great teach is key. If they do not inspire you, it is hard to keep coming for more over there.


    Inga Erkmane

    Interesting! Thanks for the recommendations, Dimitri! I should definitely check out the Headspace meditations. Although I generally feel that I can keep my calm and remain positive and focused at any situation and it’s very difficult to get me out of that state.
    But I agree, yoga definitely helps! I used to do Vinyasa Flow yoga and true, teacher makes a huge difference!
    Just a couple of weeks ago I discovered BodyBalance by LesMills – it is a yoga based class and embraces elements of Tai Chi and Pilates – you can do these classes also online and the instructors seem to be true professionals. I have to make sure I keep it up though :)

    Ahh, and I just read about mindfulness and the art of chocolate eating. Mmmmm… yeah, this one is for me!

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