Best Food Offers

What do I mean by the best food offers?

Of course, you can just go to your local discounter store and get the best deal in terms of the price – there is no secret about it. My personal view on this is that it is not just that ‘we are what we eat’, but also giving your money to a particular retailer you show them your support. That is why I am in favour of sustainable and fair retailers and not the cheapest ones. Simply put, a greedy one will pay twice.

Waitrose supermarketWaitrose is my choice of a supermarket because of the fair partnership system. An additional discount system and regular weekly offers will just be an icing on that cake (well, not a cake but a bottle of something nice).

If you are looking for sport supplements you may want to try My Protein, where you currently can get an offer of ‘Buy Two for £50’ with code 50MIX.

Holland and Barrett has a lot of high street presence, but should you wish to shop for bulky items you may want to do that online. Check their current promo by clicking the banner below, they should have something in place so you can save!

Planet Organic is fairly visible on the high street, but have you ever tried them online? You can easily navigate through the site for the gluten free, dairy free, sugar free etc requirements. My best new discovery is the dairy free, but also sugar free chocolate – you can indulge now without feeling bloated or waistline concerned.

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