Best Travel Offers

Wine and travel – they go hand in hand and I personally cannot help myself when I am in a wine producing country not to visit some vineyards or just pop in for some tastings. USA, France, Spain are on top of my mind, but for the ones who are looking for more exotic destinations there is a wealth of options. You can search for new and up and coming regions like China or India, or combine a trip to Peru with exploring a selection of amazing South American wines. There are some who are looking for a detox retreat, and you can search for that too!:)

Here are some recommended sites that will help you with your travel needs. If you simply do not know, just go and get some inspiration in, quickly!

Expedia UK – arguably the biggest and the more robust selection of holidays and destinations. Check it out, they have sales all the time!

There is no point in listing a dozen of travel search engines, get some new inspiration from suggestions at  Do Something Different!

For the ones who want not only different, but also a tad crazy there is a company called ‘Experience Mad‘. If you want an extreme experience and then maybe to reward yourself with a glass of Bolly – it is probably more your style.

If you are not sure whether you want to go on holiday, or you simply want to earn money by letting your own home, then go here to find out what is really on your agenda. I can only think of someone sitting near a fireplace, sipping a satisfying Syrah and enjoying a cozy cottage. Not sure what you are up to, but check out what is on the market here – Holiday Lettings UK.

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