Lidl: buy organic wine

Buy organic wine: Lidl

Lidl is currently increasing their presence and we see more and more stores opening up. In addition to that, they started to promote their wine range, which is currently divided into the usual wines (I saw a few priced at below £5) and their so called Wine Cellar.

After reading a few positive reviews from reputable wine critics, journalists and bloggers I started to  wonder whether I was missing out on some amazing and organic wines sold by Lidl. So I have made a trip…

Lidl logoI can positively confirm – there are no organic wines sold by Lidl currently. Just a complete ‘nada’! So there won’t be any organic wine reviews here.

This could be the shortest ‘Buy organic wine’ review if not a colleague of mine who  brought a bottle of Barolo that was sourced from Lidl and asked to check if that was any good. I oblige with this short review of a wine from Lidl cellar: will it #surprise?

Barolo 2011 Lidl non-organicSo this Barolo 2011 is made from Nebbiolo and  label suggests to open it a few hours before consuming. You can use an aerator and a decanter to follow the suggestion – it will speed up your waiting time a bit.

The wine has some very nice dark cherry and vanilla aromas, which turn out to be a bit savoury when tasted. Overall taste is refreshing, but still with good dark cherry notes; violets and pine nut kernels are also noticeable. The latter is telling me of a good and careful oak maturation as it is a bit sweetish and very well integrated.

Lidl is definitely doing not a bad job – I will not call it a typical Barolo as it is rather lightweight comparing to some good examples, but nevertheless it is a good wine.

It becomes a bit more deep and woody with air – yet it doesn’t lose the acidity, but gains an extra kick in it. The wine becomes very pleasant and more powerful (yet still not reaching the heights of good typical powerhouse Barolos). It is non-organic, I would rate 26/35 if it would be, so pretty much in the good range considering it retails at between £10 and £12.

I have bought a bottle of Chateuaneuf-du-Pape for £13, also non-organic and also from Lidl, so will update you how this one will taste like.

In the meantime if you want to browse through some aerators and decanters, I have some suggestions on the Wine Gifts page. If you are still longing for some better and, what’s more important, organic wines then check the updated top list at The Best Organic Wines.


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