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festive wine tips

10 Tips and Tricks How Not to Blame The Wine This Christmas

Are you getting ready to over indulge with wine this Christmas? With alcohol and wine in particular there is always that creeping feeling of ‘how would I fell tomorrow morning?’ Yet it has never stopped anyone from enjoying themselves and the company. It is a time to be merry after all. It is also very…

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vegan pizza recipe

Vegan pizza recipe plus vegan wine tips

All these take away pizzas are so for meat lovers only. Veggie versions are not inspiring and in addition to that they are made out of quite a bad quality dough, cheese and oil. Whilst there are some pizza chains that use a proper sourdough for their pizza bases, I just needed something that will…

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vegan burger

Show true love to animals with these vegan burger recipes

I love my dog, he is cute and very friendly. He has been adopted from Battersea and it took quite a time for him to adjust, but he is very loyal now. I just thought it could not be any better to show my love for my dog but to cook something completely meet free:…

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vegan lasagna

4 quick steps to assemble and cook a wonderfully creamy vegan lasagna

We’ve promised to continue on our vegan lifestyle exploration. We would like to share our absolutely stunning recipe for vegan lasagna (vegetarian lasagna too). This vegan recipe has been tested and it really delicious! This vegan recipe is formed of 4 different preparations. Don’t worry, everything is very simple, but you will need to assemble…

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Watermelon Prawn Cheese salad

Gloriously fresh and aromatic prawn salad with watermelon and cheese

I have been watching a cookery competition and simply re-invented a very contrasting yet pleasant flavour combination. It is perfect for this warm summer (finally it is here!) as it is a fresh, juicy and filling at the same time salad. You would need to buy a watermelon, pack of prawns, cheese to grill (you…

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It is time for summer experiments with food and wine: strawberries, tarragon, goat’s cheese and Tempranillo

I don’t think I can get more excited about anything else rather than summer, its glorious sunshine, ability to host BBQ parties and serve amazing wines. It will be a very short post now as I have simply been playing with some flavours that are truly summerly. Hopefully off soon to enjoy this all Summer…

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cocoa coconut cookies: gluten free, dairy free

Cocoa and coconut gluten free cookie: guilt free, but indulgent!

I think it was a bit of a success! Finally, I said, as my last attempt to bake something interesting were not great. I love cooking, but baking is definitely not my forte so to speak! So the mission is to find a way how to enjoy a sweet treat with your afternoon tea or…

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Healthy eating shopping list

Healthy eating shopping list

Without a further delay here comes a consolidated list of my approach to shopping for my healthy eating lifestyle. I quickly touch on the inputs that made this list as it is right now – from diets, to restrictions and healthy eating guidelines I follow. Paleo diet or lifestyle So what is Paleo about? Palaeolithic…

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Cooking with wine: red wine jus, white wine sauce, red wine risotto

Cooking with Wine: tips on how to successfully cook with wine

What is cooking with wine about? “I cook with wine,” the great American comedian W.C.Fields once quipped, “sometimes I even add it to the food.” As you start to stress about what to feed family and friends this Christmas, never was a truer line more pertinent. Wine has been used in cooking, as well as…

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Banana Ice Cream, Dairy Free, Sugar Free

I can eat ice cream now. Guilt free!

I always loved ice cream. I remember walking home  from the beach and harassing my mother to buy me a vanilla ice cream in a crispy cone (preferably with chocolate coating as well). Nowadays I cannot afford a good scoop of a rich Cornish ice cream – it is just too fatty, and I am horrified…

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Danebury, Hampshire

Fishy suppers and a good British white

A part of my New Year resolution, which was to follow my GP advice and eat less red meat, I have started to discover how joyful and light at the same time can be cooking some fish for dinner. This option will be my healthy food wine pairing, or several of them. Let’s start with…

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Veggie diet

A few words about a veggie diet

I must admit this was never a thought of mine, but one day I was dating a veggie and, knowing that I do like cooking, decided to try a veggie diet. Surprisingly, it was a massive success, because instead of my initial plan to try it for a few weeks, it lasted for a whopping…

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What if to mix the ‘wine diet’ ingredients together

When reading the suggestions from ‘Wine diet’ book, I suddenly had an urge to think whether there would be one dish that incorporates all of the main ingredients and creates a good match for wine as well. Thinking about a tannic red, and potentially abstaining from red meat it leaves us with poultry or white…

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Red wine and a fish course to match – a problem or a treat?

I kick off this ‘What if it works’ section with something not particularly shocking, but still quite controversial and definitely one of the most talked about issues in matching food and wine. Will you serve red wine with fish courses? After reading a few books on Mediterranean diet, I am increasingly interested in incorporating more…

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