Evolution Organic Red Blend Oregon USA

Evolution Organic Red Blend, Oregon, USA

Evolution Organic Red Blend Oregon USAEvolution is an organic red blend coming from Oregon in USA.  It is a third edition made by Sokol Blosser Winery.

You can see that this organic wine has a very funky label, which makes it quite mysterious – there is no indication of what kind of red blend it actually is. It is a bit strange not to include any additional information on the label, which itself is quite illustrative, but dare I say, quite useless as well.

Evolution red blend organic labelThe wine has different layers of red and black fruit, sweet spice and overall off dry feel to it. It has a bit of bitterness – maybe Cabernet franc is in this red blend?

As for me, it’s an OK wine, but the aromas are quite weak, the flavours are juicy and somewhat sweet, but not overly complex to be very excited about it.

The wine was sourced at Whole Foods, which is a great store for all things organic, but sadly does not offer an online service. It is really surprising, as they have expanded in London and their stores stock a wide range of fabulous organic produce, which is what we need, but cannot always get to the store.


Anyhow, this particular wine has failed to impress and should be avoided, but they have plenty more, some of them are reviewed already, as they are stocked by other retailers. I have put together some recommendations on how to select a case of wine and where to buy organic wines online here, or browse through the best examples of what organic winemaking has to offer – the top list of the Best Organic Wines.


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