Las Uvas de la Ira 2012, Mentrida

This one has an amazingly long name. Starting with Las Uvas de la Ira, it is made at Vino del Pueblo in the Spanish DO Mentrida. Vintage is 2012 and is made of 100% Garnacha. Ok, not too bad of a name then, but this label is full of information, which could be really confusing sometimes.

DO Mentrida is where Toledo is, so we should be looking at the relatively unknown to the UK market region.

The winemaker Daniel Gomez Jimenez-Landi has done an amazing job with this grape – it is so Garnacha with its red fruit, forest fruit notes and touches of sweet spice. This is also underlines by an elegant acidity, so the wine has indeed some sweet spice complexity, but also refreshing and light. Even the colour is so light and transparent, you won’t expect is from a hot Toledo region. It is a very careful work, noticeable when tasting the wine, and that is what makes a difference.

I just wish they get rid of this complexity on the label, the wine is very good though.

Will Mentrida wines be more well-known in the future?

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