Pedra Viva Priorat 2013

Pedra Viva Priorat 2013

Pedra Viva Priorat 2013 is made from Garnacha and Samso grapes and comes from this renowned Spanish wine region, which was supposedly left to die in the middle of last century, but was reanimated by a group of enthusiasts who not only made it work, but now command really high prices for Priorat. The most expensive Spanish wine – l’Ermita comes from this region, so there are a lot of expectations from the wines.

Pedra Viva Priorat 2013Pedro Viva means Living Stone for the slate that is everywhere in these vineyards. This youngish Priorat is bursting with red fruit flavours, touches of sweet spice, forest fruits and some really minor woodiness about it.
It is young, but already represents the region well with the heavy-weight character, high alcohol (14.5%) and its richness, yet of course it is not as complex and intriguing as more mature Priorat can be.
I would say it is an everyday Priorat, just to have one or two glasses with your dinner as it would match all meaty dishes and cheeses, but should be avoided with the lighter (by flavour intensity) dishes and probably with fish as it would completely overpower it.
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