Pioners Del Priorat 2011

Pioners Del Priorat 2011

This bottle comes from Priorat, one of my personal favourites so I am keen on researching what is good (or not so much) amongst the new wines.

Pioners Del Priorat 2011 is made from a classic blend of Garnacha, Carignan and Cabernet Sauvignon, which gives it a very complex variety of flavours starting from a few floral ones and then coming to black fruit, hints of cassis and even fresher and brighter red fruit ones. This Priorat wine has a complex fruit content which I like, started to display quite a bit of woody, vanilla-like and cedar notes, which gives me a hint that if I buy a case and let it lay for a few years I may have something even better, it definitely has a lot of potential this wine!

Just to note that this complexity needs just a little bit of time to open up, so if you are not using any aerators just swirl it in the glass well, let it consume some air and you get a round fruit explosion. I like the wines that give a lot of aromas from just sniffing it- this one does not disappoint.

The spicy notes are quite woody and earthy, so if you like that side of wines you will be very pleased!

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