Spartico Valencia 2014 organic NSA

Spartico Organic NSA Tempranillo 2014

Spartico is a NSA wine (that is for no sulphites added!). It is also organic and gluten free wine that made last year (2014) just nearby Valencia.
Spartico Valencia 2014 organic NSA
It is deep purple in colour – just to reassure us of its young age (no age at all now!)

Wonderful and pure organic Tempranillo gives this juicy and intensely flavoured red currant and black cherry wine a straightforward mouthfeel without anything else major going on. It is refreshing despite of the fact that the grapes are grown in a very hot climate – well done, Mr. Winemaker!

No sulphites factor means an additional health benefit. You can see that the majority of wines these days are marked as ‘contains sulphites’ as sulphur dioxide eliminates unnecessary risks for the winemakers and they are free to add it for the protection purposes, be it not to add additional oxygen to the process or simply any additional bacteria. These sulphites are something like a safety net for the winemakers. I applaud the ones and this in particular winemaker who were brave enough not to use it and therefore provide us with a pleasant wine without a potentially harmful additive (to our health that is!)

just a little bit of a story – Spartico comes from the grasslands just north from Valencia, and these lands have the same name, so the wine truly commemorates the terroir and biodiverse qualities of it. Beautiful (bought from a Planet Organic store in Wandsworth) in its own way, pleasant, and very good for the young wine, yet definitely lacks a complexity, so better be drunk now!

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