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Beyra 2012 Organic Mencia Portugal

Beyra 2012, Organic Mencia, Portugal

Beyra 2012 of Vinhos de Altitude is made of organic Mencia grape and screams to be presented using my geeky wine facts!:) 1 – When wine snobs mention the word ‘terroir’, it may be not that easy to grasp what the .. it is, but as a combination of soil, aspect, climate and other conditions, plays the most…

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Regoa 2009 Ribeira Sacra

Regoa 2009 is a true Spanish gem that was awarded of more than 90 points, that is if you care about that! The wine is so mellow and bursting with fruit you don’t say it is 14.5% alc. It’s nose is quite restrained, but let it now fool you – the palate is juicy, elegant…

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