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Toscar Tempranillo No Sulphites added organic

Toscar 2014, Organic NSA, Tempranillo

Toscar 2014 is a no sulphites added and also organic Tempranillo. It states that it has been produced at Hillside vineyard, located in ‘la tierra de castilla’. Alcohol is 13.5% abv. First impression is not very good. I started to think that this is the case why many producers still stick to adding sulphites, as they…

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Why to choose an organic wine

Organic wines, as the name implies, are produced organically and have several benefits over conventional wines. The organic wine may be more expensive than the conventional ones and there may not be any conspicuous health benefits apparently, but you’re definitely making an environmental friendly and a better choice in the long run. Organic wines are…

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Spartico Valencia 2014 organic NSA

Spartico Organic NSA Tempranillo 2014

Spartico is a NSA wine (that is for no sulphites added!). It is also organic and gluten free wine that made last year (2014) just nearby Valencia. It is deep purple in colour – just to reassure us of its young age (no age at all now!) Wonderful and pure organic Tempranillo gives this juicy…

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