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Wine Game: to the last drop

Wine games review

I have been searching the entire web to find interesting and engaging wine games. It could be a wine tasting experience, a murder mystery party, a trivia or quiz and some fun drinking games adaptation. It has been pretty difficult, as the category seems to be non-existent. The range is limited to some popular games…

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Fun games to play at your wine party

Wine parties are one of the most celebrated ways of taking some time off tiring work. Wine parties are common in all age groups. From high school students to middle age women and old buddies, wine party invites are a pleasure for everyone. We all attend wine parties now and then. At times, these parties…

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Are there any fun wine tasting games for a party?

I have made a previous attempt in designing a DIY wine tasting game a few years ago. Actually, it was exactly two years ago as I have invited more than a dozen of guests for my birthday party. See how did it go here, it was published on my previous wine blog ‘Exposed Wines‘. However,…

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