Chateau Puygueraud 2010

What to buy or to avoid – February 2015

This time I turn to Waitrose Cellar to taste and explore their new wines.

Again, as with Majestic last month I have selected a random batch of wines, which were marked as new, and here goes a review on what I have found out about them.

1. Domaine de l’Oranger, Cotes du Roussillon, 2013

Domain De L'Oranger 2013
The typical to this region blend of Grenache, Syrah and Carignan is a lush combination of dark and rich, but also juicy and herby flavours.
Just across the border you get similar, but even more powerful Spanish Catalan regions, in particularly the amazing Priorat. On the French side you get Languedoc and Roussillon – they have a fame of giving a lot of juicy and powerful reds without a lot of finesse or excitement though. The situation is changing and the producers appreciate the need to enhance the quality levels and flavour complexity in order to stand out from the competition and become something more than a wine commodity.
You got this bottle of a round, but refreshing, young yet already quite concentrated red, which won’t blow your socks off, but will become an everyday companion to your rustic meat dishes like lamb and beef, but even the lighter ones cooked in richer sauces (how about pork chops with some rosemary butter served with rustic potato wedges?).
I like the juiciness of it without extra acidity (you expect high levels from a young wine normally), but also how easygoing this wine is, also with a touch of herbs.
Not a bad wine to try for under £10.
2. Chateau Puygueraud 2010, Cotes de Bordeaux
Chateau Puygueraud 2010
First of all, this one is of a more expensive price tag at £16.99, so we should expect much more from it. Furthermore, it does not come from the top Bordeaux areas, so this should be a sign that there is something special about this one. I was positively surprised about the lower level of alcohol in this one – at 12% it is definitely lighter that you Rioja Crianza styles (those are at 13.5% normally), so it means that you may enjoy a large glass of potentially a very good wine without consuming extra few calories with it, what a marvellous idea!
It is very juicy, quaffable wine, with loads of plums and some cassis flavours which I love, which all tells you the story of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes  there. It is not overly strong or oaky (which I would prefer), yet for an everyday wine it has a bag of juice, rich in that fruit that was carefully preserved and not interrupted by extra winery jobs. I deem it a real great stuff – I would even recommend as a glass on its own (thanks to its roundness and overall fresh, but not very acidic, nature) or with quite a robust dish as well.
So I would say, if you like this more modern fresher style to it, then drink it now – you will like their job, yet if you want to see whether that fruitiness and hints of developing oakiness will transform into something more earthy and leathery, then you can add this to your cellar (or rack) and drink within the next 5 years. I would bet it would go down better with a few more years.
3. Secret Cellar, Shiraz Grenache, 2013 South Africa
Secret Cellar Shiraz Grenache 2013I am getting down to a £7.5 price tag here, and looking at a new example of a pretty well-known New World wine brand. In my opinion it is a hugely marketing type of wine (they also made an attempt to produce Secret Cellar Pinot Grigio), where the winemaker just trying to capture some most popular flavours and delivering it quickly to the market. In this case, some peppery character of Shiraz is blended with some red and black fruit flavours (quite undetectable what is really there). I must add that it is a juicy wine, also made to limit potentially high levels of alcohol coming from Grenache in that hot climate – it is 13.5% abv, but it lacks something that would make it stand out of the ordinary bulk wine that I use for cooking really. It is probably something you need to avoid.
Come back soon to check my new selections of wine to buy or avoid!
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