Why should you try a sensible diet?

I did a few attempts (successful as well) on dieting.

Yet sometimes you feel that refusing a nice satisfying meal, especially in the evening, is bringing you and your life slightly down. That is what we think.

I started noticing that it is a struggle of your mind over the body. Can I allow myself to admit defeat?

Instead, it could be a victory with some added health benefits along the way! That is why I have started an experiment with 5×2 diet. I am victorious so far on my second week of intermittent fasting. Hooray!

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Dimitri is passionate about wines, food to go with it, happy & healthy lifestyle, digital marketing, start-ups and entrepreneurship. www.IBlameTheWine.com is about new organic wines in the UK, what to buy or avoid on the retailer shelves; tips on healthy and happy wine lifestyle, but also provides reviews and rankings for organic wines. Get in touch please, I am always on a lookout for new ideas and connections! Cheers.

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