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2.5 million Britons suffer from sulphites in wine

Why people are allergic to wine?

Alexandra Richmond, senior health and beauty analyst at Mintel, said: ”An estimated 21 million adults in the UK suffer from at least one allergy, with 10 million suffering from more than one.

We are responding to Organic Wine Club‘s request to support the cause as there is a massive 4 out of 10 people who suffer from allergic reaction during their life.

We already know that in most wines known allergens are usually added sulphites or excessive amounts of tannins.

When looking at NHS records, 4.3 million adults are currently suffering from asthma in the UK.  Similar figures show that 3% to 5% also suffers from intolerance to sulphites.

Whilst 3-5% can look like a minuscule number, it means at least 2.5 million people ultimately cannot drink conventional wine. These people are all around us and they cannot enjoy a glass of wine without feeling nauseous, experiencing breathing difficulties or, in case of asthmatics, putting themselves at risk.

Many people do not know that sulphite free wine exists. In principle, there is no such thing as strictly no sulphites wine as there are very low levels of naturally occurring sulphites in every wine! Yet we are talking about natural wines which were made without adding sulphites in the process of winemaking (i.e. bottling).

There is a considerable progress with these natural wines that are made with no added sulphites. Check out a few interesting selections at Organic Wine Club or at Wine Sulphites.

The former organic wine retailer sells a lot of good wine online and currently has got a massive range of sulphite free wine (no sulphites added) in the UK, you can browse their full range too. We particularly fond of their Strictly No Sulphites Added Cases of 6 natural wines as they consist of wines with sulphites concentration (only naturally occurring) less than 10mg/l. One of the cases is shown below and according to them it is their bestselling case since opening. Cheers

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