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4 simple steps for mindful living

When we mention ‘I Blame The Wine’ to people who never came across this site about organic wine, wine clubs and heathy & happy wine lifestyle, they sometimes comment on how negative our name sounds. We all like to blame external things from time to time, but our ultimate goal was to provide a wealth of resource on better wines and better living as well.

There are 4 steps you can take right now to live your life in a more mindful way.

1. Acknowledge (the situation). So you don’t judge.

2. Aware (who you are and what’s around you)

3. Realise that you can do it. You can lose weight if you want, you can gain weight if you want, you can drink less or you can socialise with better people, whatever it is, you can do it!

4. Practice living mindfully. As long as you live in the now, free from judgement and full of life energy, everything will fall into place. Try it.

As a marketer myself I cannot help but wonder whether it reminds me of a marketing plan structure. We need to assess our current situation, get some research done, set some SMART goals, devise the strategy and execute perfectly. I guess it is a daily simple concept which proved to be right in many aspects and life situations.

Any organisation that has a marketing strategy that works is wide awake and capable. You can be too – live life to the full!

P.S. I myself practice meditation and my preferred way of doing it is through Headspace app. I have been writing about it quite a long time ago – see my short review called ‘Mind Your Head‘ here. For some sanity tips, I will refer you to Ruby Wax, she is the most brilliant advocate for mental health and her books are a breathe of fresh air, full of humour and great advice. See my post here about her and her books. She is on tour with her ‘Frazzled’ book.

Update: Many things have changed since 2016, I have launched my own non-profit that is dedicated to cultivating one’s inner peace through meditation. Please visit Ahimsa Meditation to find out more and learn how to meditate or develop your practice.

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Dimitri is passionate about wines, food to go with it, happy & healthy lifestyle, digital marketing, start-ups and entrepreneurship. www.IBlameTheWine.com is about new organic wines in the UK, what to buy or avoid on the retailer shelves; tips on healthy and happy wine lifestyle, but also provides reviews and rankings for organic wines. Get in touch please, I am always on a lookout for new ideas and connections! Cheers.