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A thought about workplace pensions

I can see advertisements and some further information at work with regards to the new workplace pension schemes. It got me thinking about it – should I save more and get even more as it is matched by the company, or shall I contribute the minimum amount instead?

The answer is not simple, as we can either invest the extra money, or drive it elsewhere, instead of putting it on the side until the better times. Speaking about these ‘better times’, and being a very optimistic person, I also think we lay the ground for these amazing times just now. It won’t matter if you have an additional thousand pounds much later on if that it what you need now to get organic food, eat well, stimulate your mind and also relax well.

Hence it is more important to look and assess how healthy, fulfilling and happy your lifestyle is right now and whether these couple of percent that you may save now will make a difference or better be directed, say, to pay for your gym membership or yoga classes? Some other angle to think about..

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