About I Blame The Wine: wine in a context of happy and healthy lifestyle


What is I Blame The Wine all about (and not)?

As you can imagine, this website is about wine, wine in a context of happy and healthy lifestyle. Yet another pretentious and over complicated one? No, this one will not serve as encyclopaedia or rave about how yet another Bordeaux obtained 90+ points and that is why you see it on the shelves. My idea is to make it straight-to-the-point useful and fun.

So what’s the focus and why it should be interesting?

We hear and actually see a lot of warnings, how harmful alcohol can be. Yet at the same time a moderate consumption of wine is deemed to be beneficial to your health**. So what’s the trick?

Trying to get my own mind around it, I have come across a wonderful saying by Democritus about water. When replacing water with wine and adapting it to my own language I’ve got:

The wine can be good and bad, the remedy is in learning how to maximise the good and deal with the bad.

Hence I would like to invite you to explore the world of wine and what’s around it (both good and bad), research about healthy lifestyle, how to incorporate wine into it and share the findings together. Please help me on this journey!

It is very important to look into calories in wine, how many units are there in a bottle of wine and other wine and health facts that are paramount to you and me. Many wines simply do not have that information on the bottle, along with dozens of additives that are ‘generally regarded as safe’. Preservatives and additives in wines are a separate concern too.

As a separate focus point, but very important part of the research, I look into organic wines, for which I have developed an organic wine grading system. If you are interested in organic wine movement, please bookmark the page and come back often for updates, new wines and the ratings.

Have a look around, share your views, contribute to the ‘Blame’, it is harmless, fun and hopefully useful; connect with the me via email: cheers@iblamethewine.com or any other social media found listed on this site.

Let me introduce myself – my name’s Dimitri* and I have high hopes that you like IBlameTheWine.com, can relate to the content, argue with some points and maybe will become a contributor as well. Yet for now, here is my warm welcome!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.



* If I were you I would look up the author credentials as well. So here goes a bit more about myself. I am a Marketing pro actually and by a normal working day manage digital marketing.

When it comes to cooking, I unfortunately don’t have a background apart from a big passion, regular cooking practice at home and some brilliant (or not so much) enthusiast cookery courses.

What about wine? Apart from being a wine lover, I completed a Diploma Level 4  in Wine and Spirits course provided by Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET).

I have been writing about wine since my first WSET certificate, so that was 2011 and you can check my previous site at www.exposedwines.com. You can see why I do want to make it fun and social, can’t you? 😉

In a nutshell, I consider my writing as another look on the wines sold in the UK, what is good and bad on the shelves, and research on a healthy lifestyle including food, travel, fitness, and so on.

I am recently turned vegan (first veggie in 2016 and then vegan at the end of 2017) and currently involved in Ahimsa Meditation project to promote nonviolence meditation as a way to a healthy, mindful and peaceful living; also I am blogging at Kind and Healthy Lifestyle blog, where my veganism surfaces in form of vegan recipes and guides.

As from 2020 I have moved to Georgia and run my own natural wine bar that featured delicious vegan food too. Come and join me at Living Vino in Tbilisi.

** Professor Roger Corder and Philip Goodband MW