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Auzolan organic wines from Bodegas Vega del Castillo

These three organic wines are coming from Bodegas Vega del Castillo, a glorious wine company established in 1910 and representing a region of Navarra on the map of Spanish wines.

They are all called Auzolan and please have a look at the tasting notes for their rose, unaged red and aged red wines.

Auzolan rosado Navarra organicAuzolan organic rosado

This rose wine is nice and deep pink in colour.

It displays fresh and floral aromas with hints of strawberry & lime.

The flavours are quite refreshing with strawberry, red currant and lemon / lime combo; it is not too acidic, overly fruity or sweet for that matter. Balance is there, but it is all fairly simple and will become slightly boring in a while. 

It can be your everyday good organic rose that you can enjoy on a picnic day with friends, paying attention more to them than to the wine.


Auzolan Tinto Cosecha organic NavarraAuzolan Tinto cosecha

You can only get that it is a very young wine of 2014 vintage by looking at the smallest fine print at the bottle label. Not sure why not to label these things clearly so you can get it right and easy from looking at the front.

When looking at this wine, its colour is pretty dark for the young wine that it is.

Aromas are very weak and almost impossible to detect what kind of red and black fruit is there.

Flavours are a bit sour (cherry, red currant), but the fruit is ripe, so the wine is not tasting overly acidic, but rather mellow. The wine is yet again very straightforward and simple. I would add that there is nothing to be impressed by. 


Auzolan TintAuzolan Tinto Crianza 2012 Organic Navarrao Crianza

It is called Llavero and, already knowing where to look, it is of 2012 vintage.

The wine is again very deep and dark red in colour, but showing less watery rim, so it is a good sign for aromas and flavour concentration. 

‘Now we are talking!’ – this is something that came to my mind when I tried how it smells like. This wine has a rich bouquet of strawberry and vanilla aromas, some woody ones, but not too much of it, so it won’t qualify as your Rioja Crianza.

This organic and matured red wine certainly delivers on flavour – strawberry and cherry notes are very playful, vanilla is slightly sweet and there are some violet notes as well. It also finishes with a bit of chocolate flavour. 

Auzolan Crianza is a good wine, a bit too simplistic as well, but certainly more pleasant in terms of flavours and overall mouthfeel than the young one.


Disclaimer: These organic wines were provided directly by Bodegas Vega del Castillo. They are not currently sold in the UK, so should you be interested please contact their export department directly. site accepts an opportunity to try new organic wines, but reserves the right to publish the review, or to dismiss it as irrelevant. Please contact for more information.

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