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Banana Ice Cream, Dairy Free, Sugar Free

I can eat ice cream now. Guilt free!

I always loved ice cream. I remember walking home  from the beach and harassing my mother to buy me a vanilla ice cream in a crispy cone (preferably with chocolate coating as well).

Nowadays I cannot afford a good scoop of a rich Cornish ice cream – it is just too fatty, and I am horrified how much I would need to slave myself in the gym to burn this all off. Argh.

In addition to that, I am trying not to drink any dairy now (not that I am allergic, just thought it doesn’t help my mucus problems).

The revelation came in one of the food magazines I subscribe to: we all know fruit sorbet, it can be tarty if made from raspberries or very sweet mango one; what about using something more mushy and somewhat creamy tasting like bananas? Oh yes, please.

After some quick web searching, I have found how to make it: just peel 6 very ripe bananas, cut them into 1cm circles and then simply freeze them. I don’t have much patience, so I did check how it was after a few hours and they were just not solid enough. So I went to bed, and this morning I have found them quite solid. I put them all in a food processor and blitzed till they formed a mass with a nice and creamy texture. It was a texture of slightly melted ice cream!

Banana Ice Cream, Dairy Free, Sugar FreeI placed it in a freezer, again just for 20 minutes or so (no patience, remember?), and then voila! You have a wonderful ice cream with so added sugar, no dairy and trust me it really feels like an ice cream.

My six bananas formed a good 500ml or so portion, so I am gonna wait for some friends to come over and try it before we head off for a dog walk.  I hope you will enjoy your own sugar free and dairy free banana ice cream!


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