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Humble Grape: buy organic wine

Buy organic wine: Humble Grape

It was a sunny afternoon in South West London when me and my partner needed to walk our dog a bit; on our way to Clapham Common we have encountered an independent wine shop / bar, which I’ve never been to yet. Shocking experience, knowing that we live 15 minutes away!

humble grape_400x400Humble Grape is located just opposite that Breakfast Club venue, which attracts Clapham crowds to queue for their breakfasts and brunches. Something I would never think of doing myself. So on a corner of Battersea Rise and some small street you see a rather neat merchant that is also a wine bar. I haven’t got much time to check the menu back then, but looking at their website now, it suggests it is all about small plates and sharing dishes, right up my street actually.

It was just noon, so not a perfect time for people to try wines or have a charcuterie platter I suppose, so we were delighted to have all attention on us. I have asked about their concept and it seems it is all about biodynamic and sustainable wine, which is awesome.

Lagasca organic Tempranillo Petit Verdot CastillaOn the organic side I haven’t found many examples, but was indeed recommended to try Lagasca 2014 from La Tierra de Castilla. This wine has all possible certifications as it is biodynamic and organic. 

I was wondering how it will taste like knowing that it retails at Humble Grape at just under £13.

It is a young blend of Tempranillo & Petit Verdot, which is quite unusual nowadays, but also quite exciting at the same time.

The wine is plummy with strawberry and red currant flavours, so typical to Tempranillo, that are married with intense perfume, colour and some black fruit of Petit Verdot. It makes this wine fresh but sweet-ish, straghtforward but complex with fruity flavours.  

It is more on a simple and a bit sweet side (climate is making its say), but the fruit is there; it is elegant and touched with vanilla and spice (thyme, rosemary). This organic Tempranillo – Petit Verdot is exciting, but of an everyday type of wine.  26/35

Finca El Puig Priorat 2010Knowing my obsession with Priorat wines I could not miss a bottle of Finca El Puig 2010, which isn’t organic, yet promising to be flavour-rich and quite typical to Priorat. Let’s see if it is true.

It is a big blend of 5 grape varieties, with of course Garnacha taking a first stage here. You won’t be disapointed – this one is very typical of Priorat: it is woody with the slatey soils easily ‘readable’. The wine has generous red fruit, fresh and rich, deep and velvety with some black fruit as well. 

It is sold by Humble Grape in Clapham for just under £25. 

I like how this wine represents classic style of Priorat – very  good concentration and complexity of flavours, really good typicity.

Yet when I wanted to get to know about the winery, I must say I wasn’t pleased – their website  is really bad – no real information, very badly done and the existing info is outdated and missing at times.

I would add that due to this wine richness I will advise to buy it for a very rich dinner, where you can match it to food and fully enjoy this flavour burst! 

Let’s go back to Humble Grape, it is a so-called indie that has a very attractive website indeed – very clean and easy to navigate; they clearly state how proud they are to represent a lot of biodynamic and sustainable producers, which is great. 

The wines start at £10 and the online shop itself is a bit of a mess – it doesn’t offer a good search facility or intuitive interface. It looks good, but just lacks basic functionality to it.

Yet I am quite pleased to get to know that they also operate a personalised wine club, where you can sign up via email and get an individually picked mixed case delivered to you for £150. I agree with their statement that £12.5 price is decent for very good and exceptional wines, so hopefully this is exactly the case with Humble Grape. I hope you will try and buy biodynamic wine from Humble Grape to support an independent wine trade!

I am looking forward to anyone’s comments on Humble Grape‘s wine club or anything else.


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