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Laithewaite's Wine

Buy organic wine: Laithwaites Wine

Laithwaite’s Wine is one of the biggest online wine retailers (or, as some used to say in the past, mail order). Their flagship store is still located on the South Bank in London, so you can browse through and check out the bottles in real and not just online.

Laithewaite's WineLaithwaite’s Wine was already featured on site when talking about Wine Clubs, but also with a guide on How to select a case of wine. However, this retailer does not offer many organic wines unfortunately. When you just search for organic wines on site, you get one Babich Family Estates Headwaters Organic Gruner Vetliner 2013 from New Zealand. It retails at £16.99 with an attractive discount if you decide to buy two bottles. This grape variety is native to Austria, where it displaying citrus, mineral and tropical fruit qualities normally. This particular bottle does not disappoint – prominent tropical flavours are there indeed. It is a great example of relocating one variety to the New World and applying organic viticulture to achieve amazing results. It has spice and citrus, great fruit content, but also lower in alcohol at 12%, what’s not to love about this organic white? 27/35

You will find a lot of deals if you sign up for their wine club – be it quarterly or monthly, you can also tailor the entire case to your needs and get a good discount on your first case. I have benefited from a good bottle of Priorat, which was already featured in one of my What to Buy or Avoid features.

Imaginacio 2010 Priorat

Imaginacio 2010, again from Priorat (retails at Laithwaite’s Wine for under £40).

This wine is not organic, but presents an opportunity to taste something unique and special. Let’s see.

The winemaker used new French oak barrels to mature the wine, so I am already expecting strong woody flavours and quite pungent spice and vanilla. The elegance comes from the fact that the grapes were grown on the hills, just north from Gratallops. The wine displays very good black currant,  raspberry and vanilla fruit/spice combo, which then flows into a richer dark chocolate and liquorice notes in the aftertaste. Mouthfeel is full and you taste this elegant charred wood and spice. Fruit is generous, yet not overly sweet and well integrated acidity and tannins make it rich, but also refreshing (I assume comes from slightly elevated hillsides).

The taste still lingers as it is long and I still trying to pick up additional flavours – pepper spice and leather. Amazing wine that you can sip bit by bit.

Laithwaite’s Wine provide a very good service when it comes to wine delivery, tailoring your wine case and running this whole online ordering process quite smoothly. I was impressed by their service, which is definitely on par, if not better, with many top performing wine merchants. They offer a lot of attractive deals, including multi-buy purchases and seasonal offers. Hopefully their organic range will be larger soon, so I can add more wines to this review.


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