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Organic Wine Club store

Buy organic wine: Organic Wine Club

We have started working with Organic Wine Club recently, yet they are very young anyways. It is a pleasure to know that someone is taking charge on this niche – creating a community within organic wine arena.

Why is it important? As we’ve been reviewing wine clubs for a long time and collected a lot of comparison information about them, it is clear that you can’t be that different on price alone or on promotions – you need to be engaging and, ultimately, provide a service.

Organic Wine Club is launched. Buy organic wine onlineOrganic Wine Club aims to create a community of organic wine drinkers that are in some way adventurous in their desire to explore different flavour. At the same time they are caring – both for themselves (not to take in any harmful chemicals) and the environment (imagine tons of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides that remain in our mother Earth after spraying?).

They have opened their doors recently – first online and then a brick-and-mortar shop located at 40 Central Road, Worcester Park, London KT4 8HY.

What sets them apart is their multi-tier system of how engage with the consumer (me and you, wine drinkers).

You can browse the store (online of offline) and buy a bottle or several. All wines they sell are certified organic, or biodynamic, or sulphite-free and organic in conversion (health theme is prominent here).

You can also create and account with them and start earning points – they call them Wine Drops. You earn points for creating an account (which you did, so you have 200 points as your starting capital) and then you accumulate them for spending on wine and also by referring friends (just 6 friends will ‘earn’ you £30 worth of wine!)

Introductory case of 6 organic wines mixedNext stop is to purchase a case – you can opt for a promo case (have a look at the list of deals and offers on organic wines) or an Introductory or Classic organic wine cases. Nothing too unapproachable here – prices start from £59.99 and you can buy wines with an average price of £10-12 per bottle of a quality organic wine. All these cases are 10-15% off retail. That is how you become a member. From now on you are always going to take 10-15% discount on their wines and even more!

To get even more head on to their Members Only page (it won’t display products and prices until you are a member!) – those would be cases with a whopping 20-25% off retail! You also have an opportunity to mix your own case or let them tailor a case for you. Top discount of 25% is available if you commit to regular deliveries – every month, every 3 or 6.

La Biancara Masieri Rosso 2014There is no need for us to copy paste the wine notes as they normally do an amazing job – just look at their sulphite-free wine La Biancara Masieri Rosso 2014 Tasting Notes and you see the quality.

Visit them in-store or even better go online and follow our recommendations how to get a lot of value. If you go to a promo case page or homepage and subscribe for their news you will get a free delivery voucher.


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