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Buy organic wine: Vagabond Wines

I still remember the time when I first discovered a shop, which offered wine tasting in-store.

That was done using enomatic machines. For those, who think it is too complicated, I elaborate: it is basically a wine preservation apparatus, which dispenses the wine by a dose (can be adjusted to accommodate different measures), and prevents the air to get into the bottle, so the wine stays fresh and like it was just opened. These machines are an expensive thing, and they can be equipped with the card reader, so you are as a wine taster can pre-load the card with some money, and then dispense your own wines without a need to ask a waitress or anybody for that matter.

All you need is a desire to taste that wine and an empty glass!

Vagabond Wines

That is how it works at Vagabond Wines. At the time I had been to their store at Charlotte Street (and that was this winter), they had two stores (the other one in Fulham), yet they have opened another one in Spitalfields recently – it seems that the business is picking up nicely!

Their Fitzrovia branch appeared to be very busy, and it actually reflected in the service – it wasn’t very friendly. Yet my next attempt to try them once again was very good – Fulham one was really nice – more spacious (even though the floor space was somewhat smaller) with more room to approach enomatic machines and try the wines and better layout altogether. The service was really good and the guys there always wanted to help or advise on the wines. Top class service!

They classify their wines into Crisp, Light, Rich for whites and Elegant, Spicy, Rich and Vibrant for reds with some examples of sweet wines as well.

I have tried the following organic reds there:

Chateau Fardel-Laurens Faugeres ‘l’Ardoix’ 2011 from Languedoc, France. The wine is made from 55% Syrah, 30% Grenache, and 15% Mourvedre – all grown organically. I liked this one for the fruity brambleness and herby character – this is something you want to pair with some grilled sausages or lamb. As they quite rightly stated, it is almost impossible to find a hand-harvested, aged with some new oak and organic wine for £10!

Domaine La Manarine 2012, Cotes du Rhone, France is made from organic Grenache in the Southern Rhone and as the previous one has a wonderful herby bouquet – think thyme and rosemary; do not forget about wonderful and ripe dark cherries and plums. It is floral, intriguing and very satisfying. Will be a good alternative for the above mentioned sausages and lamb, but can handle spicier Moroccan dishes too.

These two were marked as spicy.

Finally, to have a taste of something different, I found an organic red that is marked Vibrant and is made from a rare grape called Mando.

Mas Candi 2013 Vincle is indeed made from organic Mando grapes in the Penedes region of Spain. The grape is obscure, but the taste is very delicious – you are transported to that hot region of Spain by jammy flavours of bramble, blackcurrant and blackberry, yet it is not cloying with sugar and overripeness – it has a bit of spritzy feel to it; if you chill it slightly, it will be a flavour bomb on your table – you would hope you bought several of these, trust me.

So come on, if you are around one of these three locations (Fitzrovia, Fulham, Spitallfields), you should try them out! Get a card, pre-load with some money and taste away.

Another amazing benefit of tasting organic and non-organic wines as well is that you can try a taster of a very expensive wine (I have tried a few samples of Burgundy from the top Chateau for a mere £2-3) for a fraction of their price. If you want to buy a glass, you certainly can; you can buy a bottle and drink in (they serve some cheese or charcuterie platters) or take it away with you.

Just remember to ask for a good jug of water if you are tasting several wines!

On a separate note, have a look at my previous visit to Vagabond Wines – here is a review for a Priorat wine.

If you are keen to explore more on organic wines – have a look at Organic Wines FAQ.  For the top list – have a look at The Best Organic Wines.



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