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Wined Up Here independent wine merchant

Buy Organic Wine: Wined Up Here

My exploration of organic wine continues and, even though I do not deem myself as super lazy, last weekend I allowed myself to simply search for the closest independent wine store which is not a convenience / off-licence one. Google maps (I still have no idea how people managed to get around 10 years ago!) showed a few stores in South West London and one of the closest was called Wined Up Here (funny or just a bit weird?). It is a relatively short stroll from Norbiton national rail station and is a rather small indie selling wine but also artisan cheeses, bread and charcuterie. What else do you need for a glass of wine if you are not in the mood to cook something elaborate?

The address is 30 Coombe Road, Kingston KT2 7AG (for Google maps)

Is it always the case that our shopping experience with indies is quite memorable? This one involved me standing and checking the wine labels (for organic certificates, naturally!), getting bored a little bit and listening to a shop assistant (who was probably an owner) chatting to a friend about their kids’ GCSEs. An important topic, but as I was a one and only customer at that point of time it was a bit weird. Getting one of the bottles off the shelf and to the counter finally got some attention.  I then asked which other wines were organic. The answer was again quite surreal as she started to flick the catalogue from her supplier. For those who know, she works with Liberty wines (an importer and wholesaler). After a quick introduction of another 4-5 wines, none of them interested me more than the below one, I decided to just stick with my choice. When I declared my willingness to buy it, she started flicking that catalogue again, found the wholesaler price (well, I assume so) and started to do simple math on her calculator. She then told me that the bottle was £19.99 (yes, my bad, the bottles did not have a price tag and I haven’t asked beforehand..).

It was quite a surreal experience, which ended with her willingness to source wines that she doesn’t stock herself (I assume from Liberty’s trade list). Well, it was nice, but knowing she just works with one means that her range doesn’t change much often, so I won’t be coming back soon.

Let’s taste the purchased wine!

DavidReynaud2012CrozesHermitageDavid Reynaud Beaumont 2012 from  Crozes Hermitage, France.

First of all a small note about its alcoholic strength – it is just 12.5%. It is really low for a Rhone producer, so I am intrigued to taste it – will it deliver on the flavour knowing that it delivers on a health aspect? Remember, 12% versus 15% abv wine comparison?

The wine has a good variety of flavours including cherry and blackcurrant, hints of stewed plums, but also spices –  pepper and cloves. It is very good and balanced wine – its acidity matches the freshness of the fruit and then underlined by generous spice and herbs. Yet you can feel that it is slightly thin – this is a thinner mouth feel that I attribute to alcohol, you feel less of that typical to Rhone warmth. Yet again, health wise it is definitely better and also easier to drink in summer.

I would call it a very good organic wine which is lower in alcohol thus not as deep as you would expect it to be. The flavours are clean, fruity and very pleasing.


Oh and to sum up this interesting wine shopping experience, I have tried going online and visiting their website to see if they do a better job online, but unfortunately I’ve got an error saying ‘The Provider Has Closed This Website’, ouch, such a shame…

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