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My genes

It is funny to write this small blame and think that you wish so much that your mother won’t read this. Or maybe it is just sad to blame your extra pounds in the midsection on a thing you cannot even see – your genes? I tend to say that I tend to believe that…

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When I was called fat

I still remember the day I was called fat. I also imagine that it was not the first time, I was overweight for quite a few years during my first Uni studies, but that was definitely a wake up call when it happened to my face! That first Uni of mine was a culmination of…

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Welcome to Blame it!

In the 16th century Paracelsus, a Swiss physician, said ‘wine is a food, a medicine, and a poison, it is just a question of dose’. What is your dose? What is your secret to a healthy balance between the pleasures of wine, good company and delicious food and staying healthy? This section is an invitation…

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