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Losing it with wine units, abv and calories?

There is an on-going current debate whether wine producers should put the amount of calories on the label. This discussion has a lot of controversy about it: who will certify those calories, how to compare it with other foods and whether we are better to stick with units. Let’s get to the bottom of units,…

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Priorat product not for oral use

During my organic wine tour to Priorat, I have indeed tasted dozens of wines, they were provided during professional wine tastings and tasted awesome. Yet this time this short review is not about wine! Imagine you get a some crushed grapes that were not used in the winemaking. What would you do with it? When visiting…

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Banana Ice Cream, Dairy Free, Sugar Free

I can eat ice cream now. Guilt free!

I always loved ice cream. I remember walking home  from the beach and harassing my mother to buy me a vanilla ice cream in a crispy cone (preferably with chocolate coating as well). Nowadays I cannot afford a good scoop of a rich Cornish ice cream – it is just too fatty, and I am horrified…

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Healthy BMI and cholesterol: facts or nonsense?

My partner and I have a different point of view on which paper to read over the weekend. I prefer the Guardian, but apparently nothing is better than Sunday Times. Oh well. A few weekends ago the latter contained quite an interesting and factual piece of work about health guidelines (i.e. healthy cholesterol levels and BMI),…

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Challenge yourself for two days a week!

Do not blame the authorities placing some strict rules on alcohol consumption: units and other guidelines, they should be treated as an advice. Yet different countries have slightly varying set of limits, be it daily 3 units, or not exceeding 28 units a week. However everyone agrees that you should have at least 1-2 alcohol…

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A promise to myself

When asked about the actions how to drink less wine (I think back in 2007-2008), I have come up with an alternative solution: to establish a promise that I need to keep for myself. Basically, the idea is to allow yourself to drink with your dinners (of course when there is a suitable match for…

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El Roble Tempranillo - in flight

In flight lower alcohol

On my way back from Madrid, after flying across Western Europe with 3 different carriers, I have noticed that all of them offered red wines with 12% or 12.5% abv. It got me thinking whether they are taking into account that we get dehydrated during flights and alcohol doesn’t help with that matter, or this…

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Veggie diet

A few words about a veggie diet

I must admit this was never a thought of mine, but one day I was dating a veggie and, knowing that I do like cooking, decided to try a veggie diet. Surprisingly, it was a massive success, because instead of my initial plan to try it for a few weeks, it lasted for a whopping…

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Save Water Drink Wine

Save water, drink wine!

Sounds fun and exciting, yet the reality is different. You should not worry though. Nutritional sciences recommend a 25 – 35 y.o. men to consume up to 3l of water per day, and up to 2.7l for women. I might be very wrong here, but unless you dramatically changed your lifestyle and added this needed…

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We all need a bit more sanity in our lives

I am not really into self-help books as in my mind they normally have a connotation of a yellow press and a quite banal type of suggestions. Well, we either know all that or it is not really helping; I simply do not like wasting my time. So what about the sanity then? I came…

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Mind your head

I Blame the Wine is not really an encyclopedia for wines, neither a food and wine matching resource really; instead, it focuses on a, so called, wine lifestyle, which includes new wine experiences and tastes, highlighting the ones to buy or avoid. It is also about our lives around it – healthy and happy of…

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When I was called fat

I still remember the day I was called fat. I also imagine that it was not the first time, I was overweight for quite a few years during my first Uni studies, but that was definitely a wake up call when it happened to my face! That first Uni of mine was a culmination of…

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