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Carmin Brillant Clos de Caveaux 2011 Vacqueyras, Organic

Clos de Caveau 2011 Vacqueyras France organicAOC Vacqueyras is a strong, but lesser known French wine region in a larger Cotes du Rhone one, it has a punch of a top performer – Chateauneuf-du-Pape, but do it in a a bit fruitier and much more elegantly.

Let’s look at Carmin Brillant Clos de Caveau 2011, a brilliant organic French red that has a bit of a weird bottle (retro) and label (modern) combo, but a very smooth and velvety mouthfeel.

Clos de Caveau 2011 Vacqueyras France organic backSo what about the flavours?

A lot of herbs (rosemary, thyme), bramble, cassis and black fruit  – these are very pronounced and rich. What is actually great is that this wine has some freshness -it is not just sweetishly overripe and indulgent, but also can make your mouth water.

It is no wonder the wine won a bunch of medals and a praise from some of the world’s leading wine critics.

You can applaud its concentrated style with a character of cassis compote. It is round and delicious.
French organic certificationThe wine has official organic certification obtained from a local French body, so you are drinking real good stuff.


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