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How to earn on wine? Some free wine anyone?

It is mid-summer and we’ve decided not to bore you with any long wine reviews or comparisons of any sort. Yet with all current affairs going on, people are increasingly conscious of their spending habits and basically getting the most value for their money.
As we discuss wine and mostly organic wines here, let’s explore how can we harness the power of our partner wine clubs to get / earn some wine this summer!

Option 1 – Join a new wine club

It is not news that all wine clubs, some all the time and some occasionally, run introductory offers’ promotions. It basically means that you can get your first case with a discount and sometimes some gifts on top of that. You get your wine cheaper and there are no obligations to continue. It is a bit cheeky but let’s call it market research – you are testing how they work and how do you like their wine.
Refer to our list of Best Wine Clubs in the UK for guidance and some suggestions – all these wine clubs are tried and tested so you have a peace of mind you would be in good hands!

Option 2 – Select a wine club you love and start referring friends to it

Provided you’ve joined and you like the wines and that particular wine club, you will have an opportunity to get rewarded for spreading the word.
Let us illustrate.
We have taken an exciting loyalty programme called Wine Drops operated by Organic Wine Club and drilled down to details. You get 200 points for signing up (basically just registering an account) and you can start referring. In a nutshell you do not even need to buy anything! Of course we would say that only purchasing some wine you can be qualified enough to recommend, but hey ho you can start earning your wine from day 0! Each friend will bring you 500 points (they will get an introductory 5% off too, so you are making them a favour!). 4 referred friends will mean you get £20 worth of wine. 3 times that and you get enough to buy their introductory or even sulphite free case of 6 organic wines.
You will also get points for your own purchases, but as you can see referring friends can be a profitable thing. Imagine you’ve referred just 20? That’s £100 for you to spend however you wish! Wine Drops ticker is shown at bottom right corner of their site.
A quick tip for those who will follow this through – if you sign up for their newsletter they will also send you a code for Free Delivery anywhere in mainland UK.

Option 3 – Start your wine blog!

Finally, if you are very passionate about wines and would like to earn even more than just free wine, you can opt for your own wine blog. You will need much more time and dedication, but the rewards can be so worth it!
With your own website (be it a blog or social media type of one) you can then join affiliate programmes (like we did) and earn commission on all sales. We ourselves have partnered with the listed companies as Laithwaites, Organic Wine Club, Waitrose Cellar and Majestic and earn commission on sales. We help them to sell their wine by providing an up to date wine reviews and reviews on organic wines and wine clubs and get rewarded for that. Organic Wine Club runs their own affiliate programme, whilst the others can be partnered with via existing affiliate networks as Affiliate Window or Rakuten. Ping us if you want to know more. We are happy to share our success stories (and sometimes some failures along the way too!)

In the meantime, get yourself a good deal on the wine club and a case of gorgeous organic wines (we hope you are drinking organic!) and get the most our of your wine shopping this summer!

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