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Flipping failed deliveries

We shop online, because we do not want to carry that case of wine ourselves, also to choose the wines more carefully and from a wider range, yet it doesn’t mean that we should wait for that delivery from 8 am to 7pm at the address (usually home I presume) without any trip to a local shop or walk the dog if you have one, you name it! It is ridiculous to assume that we even pay for such a service that ‘did not find the address’, or they rang your door and were gone even before you managed to put a code on your buzzer or did you best to come out of that shower you were enjoying so much!

Having said that all, it is just a shame that retailers do not specify which company will be delivering your wine as there are some good examples (who do it right) and some horrifying ones (after experiencing these ones, you just left with the bitter feeling disappointed at yourself for laziness, which is bollocks, and  possibly regret that the day could have gone much more productive than that).

Based on my shopping experience, the ones that do it right are:

– all retailers who use DPD (they email and text you an hour slot and you can even track the vehicle online; the driver normally calls if they have some issues with the entrance or whatever else), I found them fabulous!

Majestic Wine has their own delivery service and that is why they are great – I once had an occasion of ordering a case on Sunday morning, they rang asking about a delivery and as soon as I have been at home in the next couple of hours they have delivered it then. It was up to three hours between the order and their delivery, simply fab!

Middle of the road is:

Waitrose Cellar has a more expensive ‘name a day’ delivery service so paying an extra of up to £5 you can specify a day, but they still use an awful Parcelforce, which is not really committing to any time slots. Yet they provide the tracking and you at least know when your wine is coming!

Finally, our regrettably a ‘poor service’ list:

The Wine Society is not the worst out of these as they also offer their own delivery service (subject to availability), otherwise use a cheap third party. Their service arrived on the day after quite a rude-ish text that I must be in, no exceptions possible. Overall, just slightly less impressive than middle range.

The Sampler is a fantastic retailer with an impressive service in their shops, the wines are different and I was really pleased with the range. Yet upon placing an order I was not communicated about it at all – no delivery dates, no tracking etc. I was lucky to be in basically. The good thing was that the packaging was thorough, expensive and spot on.

On the very bottom I would put my recent interaction with the Spanish focused online retailer deVinos. I was quite interested to try some of the wines and decided to try this relatively a no-name company. Again, there was not any communication about the delivery. When I received a card, and tried re-scheduling it, they did not acknowledge it and after a second one I have made an attempt contacting the retailer that they cannot do anything and they also did not pay for a possible Saturday delivery, so I cannot re-schedule it for that day. The end of the story was in rude-ish emails from their customer service (they decided to remind me that for future orders I must be in!), and that ended up with the bottles arriving completely damaged and some even broken. I call it a poor delivery, but even poorer service from that retailer to make sure their customers actually get the products.

Please let me know your go and no-go wine delivery lists!

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