Fun games to play at your wine party

Wine parties are one of the most celebrated ways of taking some time off tiring work. Wine parties are common in all age groups. From high school students to middle age women and old buddies, wine party invites are a pleasure for everyone. We all attend wine parties now and then. At times, these parties get dull and dry as they may seem. To make these drinking parties more fun and a lasting experience, wine games are definitely a brilliant solution. Wine games not only make wine parties more enjoyable but also indulge people into creativity and fun. Hosting wine parties and arranging fascinating wine games for the guests is easy to manage once you have a clear cut idea about all the material you need and a plan regarding how to execute the entire event.
Choose your guests
First, you need to make a list of the guests coming at your party. Check their age group and their relevant knowledge about wine. See if they just drink wine for the sake of drinking or they actually prefer to know the wine they drink and then plan your games accordingly.

Beautify the setting
Games need a proper setting. After you select the room where all guests will be seated, make it more game friendly. Clear up the space for free movement and complete fun. Put in some extra furniture like a round table or more chairs. Remove furniture that is not required or that blocks the way or makes room congested in any way.

Make list of games
After you know your guests and the room where event has to be conducted, start working on the games that should be there. Choose games for which you can manage the material. Keep the guest list in mind too while choosing games. Games should not become a piece of cake to win or too hard to play even. Adjust things keeping all these factors in mind. Here are some wine party games that you may like.

1. Taste and tell
For this game, you need wines bottle covers. You can choose most popular and common wines with a few not so famous wines to make the game more interesting. Cover wine bottle with bottle covers. Give a number to each bottle and note it down. Now, blindfold the guest so he may not see the color of wine either and then let him taste the wine. If he guesses the correct name, award him with a cute gift, otherwise set a little pay-back thingy for every wrong answer to make game more fun.
2. Smell and guess
Wines are classified by their aromas. Each wine has its own aroma that adds to its flavor. Wine aromas are easy to guess once you have had a wine a few times. For this game, blindfold the guest and ask him or her to take a deep sniff. If the answer is correct, reward the guest. If not, then penalise them by little tricks like a crazy dare, for instance.
3. One Wine Word
Make two teams. Ask each team to have a wine and write the first word that comes in their mind after tasting it like sweet, fresh, creamy, old etc. Then, collect the papers and see how many words match. Team with more similar meaning words wins.
4. Wine facts
In this game, each guest brings his own bottle of wine and he is the only one who knows it. Cover labels with tape or simple paper. Circulate wine glass in circle. Everyone who tastes writes down all the information he has, like it is a red grape wine or it is a special of France etc. Then, undo the label covers and match the information. One who makes most correct answers wins.
5. Bottoms up
This game is perfect for actual drinking competitions. All you need is wine and more wine and more wine. Arrange the little cups or shot glasses and fill them up. Now set a limit, like one shot per minute or three shots five minutes. And, start the game. This game is best played with 100 shots in 100 minutes target, which is amazing. It is more suited for men and high school young boys. This game adds lot of energy to the party, particularly at the end of hour as everyone becomes more excited and thrilled.
All these easy to conduct games spice up your parties and make these gorgeous wine parties a lasting experience for you as well as your guests. So next time you host a wine party, don’t forget to add in all the full-of-fun games to ensure blasting fun.

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  • Dimitri

    April 12, 2015

    It is a nice collection of games you can play without any tools whatsoever. They are basic, but as they say, keep it simple stupid!

    I am still thinking of whether there is a board or card game I can buy to entertain my guests (wine theme of course)….

    Thanks for the post!