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Are there any fun wine tasting games for a party?

I have made a previous attempt in designing a DIY wine tasting game a few years ago. Actually, it was exactly two years ago as I have invited more than a dozen of guests for my birthday party. See how did it go here, it was published on my previous wine blog ‘Exposed Wines‘.

However, there were a few downsides:

– I did not have much of the materials – bottle covers, tags, and other stationary;

– I had quite a varied crowd: from the ones who were not even interested in wine much, to casual drinkers and just a few quite knowledgeable (no names, do not ask!);

– Given that the guests could order different food from the menu, my wines could be a mismatch and taste rank. I cannot imagine having a huge bold red with oysters, can you?

Just before my current birthday, I shopped around for a few examples of pre-made wine games and wine tasting kits.

Here are two games I found on Amazon:

wine games: board game, card game and wine tasting game

I must say that both of them are very different. The one on the left is more suitable for a newbie in wine tasting and describing the process, starting from the basics in winemaking, flavour attributes and provides some wine and food matching guidelines. The wine tasting process is divided into how to select the wines: be it by the region, or style, or grape variety.

The second one is based on trivia games, and also incorporates two more social games to make it more lively. Again, this one will suit for more serious crowd who wants to answer pretty much factual type of questions.

I feel that it lacks fun, and excitement from learning something new and interacting with others. Wine tasting is more than learning why and how to swirl the wine; and trivia games are not the only one method how to learn more facts about the wines.

I am wondering whether there is anything else, more exciting and educating?


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