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Hansen 2012, Organic Cabernet-Gernischt, China

Hansen organic Chinese Cabernet 2012This is a rare occasion of a wine that I have no idea about – no clue how it will taste like or should I take it to a party or not.

Hansen 2012 is made from Cabernet-Gernischt, which only tell you that it is a clone of Cabernet (German origin?), but nothing else. 

The wine is produced from organic grapes that were grown in Wuhai Valley, close to Mongolia. Exotic, isn’t it?

It has a bouquet of red fruit: red currants , cherries and hints of cassis (just a bit of black fruit here). It has a bit of a tingle on the gums which just indicate of some unripe tannins.

Fruit flavours are quite restrained and you can taste something earthy, yet not really round but quite bitter. Have you tasted some reds from Loire Valley? Do you remember how Cabernet Franc tastes in its not very careful way of production? Yes, similar to this – some stalky tannins and simple, but not unpleasant red fruit. 

Acidity of this wine is refreshing and not over the top, which is good for me, because I try to limit it – it is good to cut through some fat, but really not great for my stomach when I choose healthier options. 

Overall, this organic Chinese wine is rather light bodied, simplistic and displays pleasant red fruit with some hint of black one, but definitely not enough of it. Organic ‘China Wine’ – is it something that will improve, or will simply be one of those cheap and cheerful ones? One will wonder, but this organic Chnese wine is not cheap (approx. £13 at Budgens in Central London). What would you make of it?

My rating is a rather uninspiring 24/35

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