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Get a free e-book on how to start with wine tasting

A brand new e-book on how to start with wine tasting. Download now to learn more about the world of wines, how to approach wine tasting in a fun and unpretentious way. Learn how to compose a tasting note, how to prepare a wine tasting evening and much more tips to start appreciating wines more.

My own wine tasting journey was a bit rough – I found it too snobbish, and full of terms I could not understand. After a few years of learning about wine and, this is a part where I should agree with some friends of mine, tasting many wines, I now find a lot of wine tasting reviews quite patronising. Some people tend to offload their views in a father-son manner, which doesn’t help to appreciate wines with ease, does it?

This approach of how not to conduct wine tasting is the basis for this guide: no snobbery, just a few facts and hopefully a lot of inspiration to buy wines and try this all for yourself!

With this short guide you can set up your own tasting and share your findings. Free PDF file download.

P.S. Health-conscious people fill find some additional recommendations on organic wines. Cheers!

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Dimitri is passionate about wines, food to go with it, happy & healthy lifestyle, digital marketing, start-ups and entrepreneurship. is about new organic wines in the UK, what to buy or avoid on the retailer shelves; tips on healthy and happy wine lifestyle, but also provides reviews and rankings for organic wines. Get in touch please, I am always on a lookout for new ideas and connections! Cheers.

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