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When I was called fat

I still remember the day I was called fat. I also imagine that it was not the first time, I was overweight for quite a few years during my first Uni studies, but that was definitely a wake up call when it happened to my face!

That first Uni of mine was a culmination of geekery, somewhat resembling a place where IT crowd show should source the talent.
I remember downing a pint after classes and that was our daily habit. No wonder, I found myself quite overweight with a few skin problems (well a mixture of bad drinking habits and young age, so not all that bad, but still..)

When you are told you are fat, it is sad, but it comes with a bit of a shocker when heard from your date!
That was quite a signal.

That was a time when I learned the words ‘diet’ and ‘healthy’, stopped drinking beer (I do not drink beer since) and generally started to take a better care of myself.

I will share that first dieting journey of mine (I did lose approx. 22 kgs in 8 weeks), but the main thing to say now that it is all in our heads- we definitely can do it all… if we really want to lose fat.
So start drinking more water, cut your sugars and salts, exercise more and you would feel much better. More to come.

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