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Interview with organic wine shop co-founders

They say that entrepreneur’s dream starts from a dissatisfaction. Whilst it is hard to generalise, but it was true in case of Organic Wine Club.

Its two co-founders agreed that a few years back there wasn’t a place which offers:

  • carefully and vigorously tried and tested organic wines;
  • wines that address specific lifestyles (vegan, allergy sufferers, asthmatics);
  • individual and personalised service to help people with their wine choices.

Why organic? You are probably wondering…

Many people do look at the labels and try to pick healthier produce: organic grocery is on the massive rise. Yet wine is still hugely commoditised unless it is a bottle of very fine wine. As grapes accumulate a lot of residual pesticides, conventional wines contain a lot of that nasty stuff. And then it is drunk by us. Why do we need to drink extra toxins if we can avoid it?

Surely, everything is ‘tried and tested’. What’s the issue?

Problem arises when you start shopping for organic wine that was produced for the mass market with the aim of reducing its price as much as possible. As a result, there are quite a few wines that are unpalatable. Many people tried them too. That’s what turned a lot of them away from organic wines in the past. It is understandable, afterall we all drink for pleasure. Hence Organic Wine Club vigorously tastes everything and only the best organic wines make it to the list. Their wine expert, who holds WSET Diploma, tries more than 3000 wines a year and then handpicks about 150 to list in our organic wine list. Mr Safonov is one of the co-founders, feel free to say hi when in-store or send an email when online!

The above mentioned lifestyle differences… Which wines are suitable for allergy sufferers?

The issue is mostly with added sulphites. Most of wines are produced with quite high amounts of added sulphites to preserve them in the bottle. Organic wines are made with lesser concentration. But they are still there at below 100 mg/l. People who are intolerant to sulphites in wine can start noticing them above 45 mg/l. Hence we’ve decided to focus on the wines that are below that mark. Specially composed Strictly No Added Sulphites pre-mixed cases feature natural wines with no added sulphites, so only naturally occurring and below 10 mg/l. So low! It means even less unnecessary chemicals to drink with your wine. Sulphite intolerance could be mild (breathing difficulties, rash, itching) or quite severe in case of asthmatics. The latter can now drink a glass of wine without a risk to their health.

Would you agree that online shopping may lack that special in-store interaction where you can get more information on the product, but also pick the brains of an expert?

Organic Wine Club works hard to personalise online wine retail by creating wine stories in form of tasting notes, but also to personally interacting with its members and trying to learn more about their preferences and flavour preferences. That is where Mt Thomson Mclean comes handy with his broad experience managing hotels in Central London. He is a co-founder too and he is focusing on delivering the best customer experience possible. Ping or praise him in store or online.

Does it all mean these organic and natural wines are super expensive?

Not at all. Whilst there are some unique wines and limited editions, you can find good quality organic wines from £7 and no added sulphites from £11. Organic Wine Club has put a lot of effort on delivering everyday value organic wines, so everyone can enjoy a glass with their family for dinner.

Their motto is: Expertly handpicked organic wines for a better you.

Hope you can also try them out and see for yourself! Cheers

P.S. We do have an exclusive wine case that is supplied by this organic retailer, but you can also take them for a spin with their introductory offers: either sign up for their newsletter to get £8 voucher or take 10% off your first order with code: NEW10. Enjoy

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