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Is January a non-wine month?

For many wine drinkers January is a month when they stop and get healthier. Well, whom are we kidding, right? Not in that manner though, for many of the wine drinkers that our site attracts, wine is not a problem. It is not a get-drunk-quickly thing, it is a very pleasurable, social activity. We are mindful about how many units in a bottle of wine we are drinking, yet we do share it!

We are super excited to be one of the most popular destinations for UK wine shoppers who buy wine online. And not simply that, you and me are looking for the best online wine store. What January means for the wine club in the UK?

It need to offer great wine deals, but also to promote something that is bigger than wine. 

We’ve got two wine deals for you today, a bit different ones from two wine clubs  – Vinceremos and Organic Wine Club. What is quite similar between them is that they both are very strong on vegan wines. You are probably thinking it is a big joke – why vegan wine is on the map? Again, if you are looking for a bigger picture in wine, and especially wine you buy online in the UK, vegan wine is not really a big thing. It is not a focus, and we really do not understand why. After all, we all want to care for animals, and we want to minimise their suffering at the very least. Hopefully, you do agree. 

So, why would a winemaker in the present time and day will use cow’s intestines or flesh bladders to filter and clarify the wines? Traditionally, they would, but we just want them to stop that! 

If you agree with that, this January explore vegan wines that are made with no animal-derived materials whatsoever. These may be not the very best wine deals for your pocket, but they are the most amazing ones for the animals not slaughtered for your wine. 

So where to buy vegan wine online? 

We recommend Vinceremos for their budget range and longstanding reputation. 

We highlight Organic Wine Club for their handpicked selection of vegan wines that are remarkably delicious and cannot be bought under ‘one roof’ elsewhere. 

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