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Mercado: about the markets and wines

For all Londoners Borough market will be a place where artisan producers of the highest quality could be found and their produce tasted.

Yet however having visited Barcelona (Mercado Santa Caterina) and Madrid (Mercado San Miguel) it is clear that we are missing on some points which make the whole experience work just that tiny tiny bit better, creating an overall a fantastic food and wine, or shall I add, gourmet tour or simply a night out actually.

My recent short detour to Madrid and an evening stroll to Mercado San Miguel got me thinking that why can’t we just get Borough market (it doesn’t need to be necessarily that one), to be open till late.  Wouldn’t you fancy a glass pof red and some cheese tasting rather in the evening or even closer to 10-11pm, rather than doing it mid-day and thinking that this extra glass is just tad too early?

It doesn’t need to come cheap, but the whole atmosphere of food and wine tasting creates an ambiance of a large restaurant or, shall I say, a tapas bar that you can enjoy hopping on and off different stalls, which are equipped with tables and stools to make you feel comfortable.

Such a social  gourmet experience is definitely an exciting thing to visit on any night as it offers variety of different food and wine under ‘one roof’.

If you know of any similar (or even better examples), please do share!

2015-02-27 20.42.19 2015-02-27 21.48.29 Mercado San Miguel, Madrid

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