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IBlametheWine’s the most useful resources

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Happy and healthy lifestyle is demanding.

We all know it, so here is a list of all things organic, wine and health related, and simply useful stuff.

Where to Buy Organic Wine:
Waitrose Cellar – Waitrose is normally a supermarket of choice for me, so it is quite natural that I use their wine website to source some organic wines. They do stock a few dozens of them, so not the best choice, but the selection is OK if you just starting to explore organic wines.
Organic Wine Club – large selection of organic wines and most importantly natural wines made without added sulphites, so you can say no to headaches and hangovers that are triggered by additives.
Majestic Wine – I rate Majestic Wines as the best wine company in terms of the service and delivery. I once ordered a case on Sunday morning and they managed to deliver by lunch time. Wow! On the downside, they do not stock many organic wines, so the choice is very limited.
Planet Organic – If the actual store is quite far, you can opt in for their online service.  I have found a few really good wines, but also was unlucky with some – the range of ‘Pure’ is amazing, so you can buy these pure varietals and enjoy organic wines that are very expressive of their grapes.

Wine Sulphites – 100% specialist in sulphite free wines; if you have an intolerance, this is a place you can get stricly no sulphites added wines and cases.
The Wine Society – They are, based on the readership feedback, the most highly recommended retailer. With a few dozens of organic wines in stock, and a highly professional team, who is in charge of sourcing the wines, it is no surprise why. With the plentiful amount of places where to buy organic wine this one will not disappoint you.

The Best Wine Clubs in the UK:

OrganicWineClub.co.uk – the newest and most personalised wine club that will take your preferences into consideration. Health Conscious Wine Plan is one of their uniquely designed products so you can get your wines without added sugars, excessive sulphites and definitely without pesticides!

Laithwaite’s – the largest in terms of the membership numbers wine club in the UK offering introductory cases, both mixed, red and white from the most popular countries. You will struggle to find a lot of organic wines, but I rarely managed to come along a few. You can get a very generous introductory deal such as a pair of crystal glasses with your first order, so why not to try them out?
Sunday Times Wine Club – they are really the same as Laithwaite’s in terms of the wines (really same wines and cases), but market themselves a bit differently, so you can expect even more generous introductory gifts, great discounts on cases of 12 bottles and more (around 15-19% off regardless what you have in it) and a very good service – they send you wine cards detailing the tasting notes and also inform you what is included in your next case. The materials are informative and nicely produced. Well done.
The Sampler – This would be more off beaten track, as the club is not that popular, on their website you can find a few options to order a mixed case or a premium selection, which they intend to deliver quarterly. Wine selection is very good, not necessarily organic, but more of independent sector, where you can find wines of superb quality that are interesting and exciting, all for affordable, yet high price.
M&S wine club – Their offer is quite simple, the wines are carefully selected, but you will struggle to find any organic ones; when browsing in-store I could only find 2 bottles – one organic and one biodynamic.
The Wine Society – They run ‘Wine without Fuss’ club scheme, which is very attractive and interesting, yet not very flexible; so if you want to rely on their wine buyers (who I must say do an incredibly good job), then I would recommend you try them out – the quality of the wines is superb.

Organic Food
Planet Organic – I simply love their shops, they are much smaller than your regular selections at Ocado and Waitrose, but they stock items which are organic and full of goodness, but also coming from smaller artisan producers. I feel very strongly about supporting people and companies who do good, so would like to shop there more often. Quite a few discoveries there: sugar free chocolate and some great organic and sulphite free wines.
Ocado – I rated Ocado slightly higher that Waitrose simply because of two factors: delivery service is slightly better as their drivers can actually find my address (more modern GPS, I’m not sure really) and the wider selection of fresh fish. Since my GP recommended that I eat more fish and vegetables and less meat, it became quite important for me to be able to source fresh fish easily. SOmetimes Waitrose offers some promotional deals on fresh and responsibly sourced fish, so I turn to them instead.
Waitrose – There is no surprise I list Waitrose here, afterall, they are responsible for 80% of my online grocery shopping in the last few years. They offer a lot of organic produce: vegetables, fish, meats and poultry and guarantee one of the highest quality possible.

Wine Gifts
Apart from a selection of wine related gifts that I have reviewed here, you can simply go to Wine gifts at Amazon.co.uk and check out their selection.

Mind and body
My absolute favourite is Headspace.com – you can try their meditations for free – sinply sign up for the Take 10 – you will get 10 sessions that you can play on any device or through their app, each one of them will last for 10 minutes, so you can learn the very basics of meditation and see for yourself, how your life will transform – it is a skill that you can master and benefit fully from more relaxed, focused and happy you!

Learn more about organic wines with these books:
Authentic Wine: Toward Natural and Sustainable Winemaking
Natural Wine: An introduction to organic and biodynamic wines made naturally

Learn more about wines with me:

I am based in Tbilisi, Georgia where I run wine classes at my natural wine bar called Living Vino.

Learn more about Wine Tasting
– How to start with wine tasting – free e-book:

– Food and wine pairing: a healthy way – free e-book:

Play & Learn
– Free print-to-play downloadable game – Wine Wars in Priorat – have you played Mafia game before? This is an ultra easy game to play with your guests to animate any dinner party.

– Create your own online store using Shopify. If you have an organic product in mind and now need some guidance in terms of how to sell it, this is a platform for you: you can create your store in minutes, start selling in a few more, whilst they will take care of cards processing and all the necessary software you need. For a small monthly fee, you will get a complete solution you need to be able to sell online and also in-store (they will also charge a transaction fee like any other processing service). I have been shopping around for the best e-commerce solution that is easy and customizeable for my needs, and I have finally found one! You can also use a more elaborate layout for your needs. Who knew starting your own business would be so easy!

Eviljoy.com – a book on how to turn your passions into business ideas. Idea generation techniques and useful exercises. Download ‘Quest for New Ideas’ today!

 More to come shortly, I hope this selection is very useful for you, be it in your search for organic wine and food, or learning more about all things organic.

All Organic Wines: search for all organic wines in the UKFor the full list of organic wines and where to buy them, please use this exclusive organic wine search tool – All Organic Wines.
Please do share with me you favourite places to source organic wine, do your online grocery shop and resources to enjoy life more.