My genes - I Blame The Wine

My genes

It is funny to write this small blame and think that you wish so much that your mother won’t read this. Or maybe it is just sad to blame your extra pounds in the midsection on a thing you cannot even see – your genes?

I tend to say that I tend to believe that I don’t have the best genes in terms of weight management.
It probably takes significantly more effort to get that toned body I want (in a healthy way, no major drugs etc). Sometimes it gets really frustrating to see some of my friends to eat a large piece of choc cake and do not get much on their hips (or midsection for males).

Is it really a problem with my genes or rather with my slower metabolism? Shall I concentrate on eating leaner and healthier foods, drink much more cold water and try some green veg detox juices, or my weight loss would still never be as effective as it can be, genes permitting?
Let’s hope not, yet it still worth going greener and leaner for a healthier life (yet maybe not that thinner?!).

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