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My own experience with 5×2 diet

This 5×2 diet is quite well known, so I would be brief: the idea is to appoint two days during the week, when you fast. It also doesn’t mean you need to drink only water. As a guideline you should slash your daily calorie intake by four – so for women the recommended one is 500 cal, and for men slightly more than that at 600 cal.
Full list of benefits, including some guidance on the meals and advice could be found in the author’s book – Fast Diet, but for me it is a natural weight loss, a better heart rate and blood pressure, but also some inner body training, so it is equipped better to fight diseases.

I would like to keep it simple, so Monday and Wednesday were selected as these trial fast days. I have just started yesterday with an apple and loads of water in the morning. The week kicked off very nicely, so I did not noticed how it was lunch time where I bought a small portion of salmon and avocado maki (4 pieces at approx. 160 cal) and a small seaweed salad (75g, so it was a mere 50 cal). I had just below 400 cal to spend during dinner.
I must tell that this calorie restriction also works well to stimulate you to have a few days with no alcohol at all. Imagine, a large glass of red taking a whole 150-200 cal out of your dinner limit?]
So I have had a small 150 g piece of sea bream, with a few slices of aubergine, dressed with garlic and few drops of olive oil. This should have been around 350 cal, but definitely not more than 400, so I was worry-less.

The evening, as it felt at about 9-10pm, started to be a torture as I wanted a snack or a piece of chocolate. I decided to drink tea – it does not contribute to your calorie intake, again, provided that you do not sweeten it or add milk. I have opted-in for a whole tea pot of green tea just to discover in an hour that I still crave food quite a lot, so I brewed myself a pot of herbal echinacea blend. I am being super healthy.
Final knockdown came at night when I heard my stomach doing some angry rounds, so I cannot say I slept very well (yet not awful to regret this all straightaway).

So today is my OK day where I can eat whatever I want basically.
It came of no surprise that I do not crave junk food (to spoil all the goodness from yesterday mini-torture?), and I take pleasure of simple, but nutritious food – the first thing I did in the morning before taking my dog for a walk was to pour myself a good glass of beetroot and kale smoothie. Gosh it tasted so nice after the fast day!

I will leave my comments as for the 5×2 diet progress on twitter @iblamethewine, let’s hope it goes smooth and more cheerful on Wednesday! #5x2dietupd

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