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how to source some amazing new wine?

New wine? How to select fantastic and delicious new wine to try?


First of all let us share some fantastic news! Last month we have seen our 1000th referral to purchase a case from one of the wine clubs we recommend.

1000 referrals made by I Blame The Wine. Success!!!Yes, we do receive a small commission from them, but we do rate the clubs and online wine merchants according how they perform, how good they are and how much you love them. 1000 referrals means we are a community of organic wine lovers and you have made this project a success, so thank you very much!

In this monthly review we would like so reflect on the most popular question or an issue that we hear from most of you – ‘how do I source and find amazing new wine’?

Yes, we all have our own favourite wines, but most of us also like to experiment and try new things. I’d say it happens all the time, but sometimes it is a bit of a gamble, a massive risk when it comes to bottles above £20-30 price mark…

how to source some amazing new wine?

So what can you do to pick a delicious new wine just for you?

Step 1. Visit your local independent store and ask for samples.

Most of good and well established ones have some wines on tasting display all the time, so it should not be a problem. As in the popular ad, ‘go on, ask them!’ They might already know your palate if you are a regular, so it would be even easier when you’d ask for their suggestions. Go wild!

Step 2. In case you haven’t got a preferred independent wine store, just search for one.

If you do like wine you simply need to have a local wine store to know you. They taste loads of wine and will source styles that you like. No kidding. Whilst you are searching and hopefully making friends with one, you can pay a visit to a central store that has got sampling machines. The likes of The Sampler (branches in Angel and South Kensington) and Vagabond Wines (bars in Fulham, Fitzrovia and Spitalfields Market) have dozens of wines on constant display. They might not change them too often (we have seen a lot of wines to stay there for months if not years), but for a start it is a great option to explore. Buy a tasting card and sample dozens and dozens. Make notes, start acknowledging what you like. Is it a mindful wine drinking? Potentially so, but definitely a pleasant one!

Step 3. Book a wine tasting.

Google now what happens in your area. You would be surprised.
If you are not surprised you can do it online. We’ve got two options for you: Vinoa offers to send you a few glasses of wine (weird ha?) for you to sample. Mini bottles will arrive with some notes and you can see what you like and what you don’t.

Organic Wine Club also has a solution – a wine tasting subscription box. You do not need to commit on the get go – you can buy just one. For a price of £50 you will get three great organic wines (full size bottles), mini manual on wine tasting (with a cheeky vocabulary… we’ve found it quite basic, but comes handy for a beginner for sure) and a gift of wine preserving VacuVin set. It is a very good deal price wise. We have tried it and received three natural wines with no added sulphites – it was a superb discovery. We have also just seen them launching trial packs that cost even less – £30-£40 for a duo or trio with reduced delivery charge – see their trial packs of natural wine offer here.

Step 4. Dig deeper into the unknown.
If you want to splash on your discovery journey, you can opt for a no expense spared mixed case of 12 wines. We’ve got deals on Naked Wines, Organic Wine Club and Sunday Times Wine Club where you save dozens of pounds and get a great deal on wine.

The latter will not offer anything organic but you have a very varied selection. Naked Wines offers the most value when you sign up, but unfortunately you will need to redeem – they are fully subscribed now and people report about waiting for a few months. Organic Wine Club offers less savings but the wines are all certified organic and very tasty (in our humble opinion of course).

Please let us know how you get on with your new wine tasting journey!

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