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Do not Blame the Wine checklist – download for free

You love wine.
Me too!

Whilst many health authorities prompt you to give up drinking and cut down to less than 14 units a week (that is less than 9 small glasses of wine to you and me), I decided to research and explore the issues around wine and health. As a result of my work and writing about wine and health at, I have developed a system (or a blueprint if you like) to help everyone make sense of that all. I completely rejected an idea of giving up wine completely, so if you want to simply cut it out from your life, this guide is not for you. I applaud your sacrifice, but the goal of this work is to learn how to drink wine almost guilt-free. For the majority of wine drinkers following a healthy and happy wine lifestyle is not difficult – I will show you how.

The most important thing here is that you would need to do a bit of work, assessing your current situation – that is where this checklist comes into play – and then developing your own formula for the above mentioned healthy wine lifestyle. I simply want to combine some useful
and proven tools for you, so you get fantastic results and improve your life from many angles.
Surely, if your condition is chronic, please do not delay and simply ask for a professional medical help; for the rest of you – I hope you find this guide and checklist useful and will share your opinions and results with community.

Who is this ‘Don’t Blame The Wine’ Checklist for?

It is developed for all people who want to learn how to enjoy wines (almost) guilt-free and with a peace of mind about your health (both physical and mental).
This blueprint is also about our dreams of being more social and confident in everyday life (how many times we may overcompensate with just a few extra glasses where we even do not want to drink anymore?)

Don’t you think that our dreams co-exist in a direct contrast with our fears: we hate even the slightest thoughts of being lonely, awfully drunk or having a health condition because of our drinking habits. People who implemented healthy changes in their lives are inspiring for us, but we are not sure how to do that all ourselves or how to get that inner clarity what exactly we need to do.

Have you found yourself in any of these above statements? If yes, just download this guide (no strings attached and use it).
DBTW Checklist



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Dimitri is passionate about wines, food to go with it, happy & healthy lifestyle, digital marketing, start-ups and entrepreneurship. is about new organic wines in the UK, what to buy or avoid on the retailer shelves; tips on healthy and happy wine lifestyle, but also provides reviews and rankings for organic wines. Get in touch please, I am always on a lookout for new ideas and connections! Cheers.

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